@DavidHenrie: “This is Lorenzo. Lol Bug and David took a break from writing and we’re soooo excited for a burger. They had no clue I was filming them haha look at the burger swap who does that. #BurgerSwap”

"Where is This pictures that the last anom was talking about ?" by Anonymous

Like I said, I briefly saw it on twitter when I was on my phone. I wasn’t able to find it just now though.

"Have you seen the pic of David peeing in the men's room? Do you think he knows about it." by Anonymous

I think I know what pic you’re talking about, though I just briefly saw it. And I don’t know for sure if he knows about it or not, but I think he might not.

"Sorry for my double comment, I missed some place in the other message ahaha! I just wanted to say that I love when you give your opinion Mr David Henrie, because I don't know why, but I think your opinion is pretty important to me! And I really love your blog and all your hard work to maintain this blog! :D" by Anonymous

Well thank you! I like answering questions (as best as I can) and I really do try to keep this blog running as best as I can with the little time I actually do have. lol

"About the previous question, I don't think David is dating Genevieve Helm. They seem to be friends who haven't seen for a long time. Since Genevieve went to the party of David, they probably want to take the opportunity to see each other by an activity with friends going to the restaurant with Lorenzo and the other man. This isn't because David sees two or three times Lucy and Genevieve that he's dating one of them, eh? Anyway, this is only my point of view, what do you think Mr David Henrie? :)" by Anonymous

That’s why I said that I don’t know for sure about whether they are dating or not. They could just be friends like you described too. And your right that just because you see someone with another person a couple times doesn’t mean they are dating. lol. But it is a possibility either way. :)

"is david dating genevieve_helm on instagram or lucy hale?" by confusedabouteverythingg

Well he isn’t dating Lucy for sure. As for Genevieve Helm, I really don’t know.

@DavidHenrie: “Beautiful night at my favorite place ever @medieval_timesCA with great people! @genevieve_helm @lorenzzohenrie :)”

@DavidHenrie: “Beautiful night at my favorite place ever @medieval_timesCA with great people! @genevieve_helm @lorenzzohenrie :)”

@DavidHenrie: “#TBT @lorenzzohenrie #swag”

@DavidHenrie: “#TBT @lorenzzohenrie #swag”

@DavidHenrie: “Craziness. So fun. “Max and Me”. Ever heard of Max Kolbe? Look him up.”

"Are most of David's friends celebrities?" by Anonymous

I think the most that you see are, but he does have some that aren’t celebrities. Some of his really close friends aren’t.